Beginners usually face a difficult choice on which slot machine to play – paid or free. There are advantages in each of the options, so you need to be guided by several factors when choosing:

  • personal feelings or intuition. If you are sure that you can play the paid slot machine, then it is better to trust your strength. In the event that the player has never tried to play slot machines, it is better to start with free slots;
  • the goal of the game. This is an important criterion. Pay machines allow you to feel the excitement of the fact that you can lose or win a considerable amount. This option is more suitable for those who want to make money on the game. If the thrill of the game is more important to you, and you are ready to spend all the funds from the account, it is better to choose a free slot machine. In addition, free slot machines allow you to gain invaluable experience and learn how to calculate your strength;
  • the creation of tactics allows you to choose the most suitable strategy for each. In this case, it is better for beginners to use free slot machines.

How to start playing

If you have made a decision to start playing in free slots, then the site is exactly what you need. A huge number of different slots where you can play without registration and investment. Before starting the game, read the general information about the site. Then decide on the type of slot machine:

  • new slots;
  • Top slots;
  • 3D slots;
  • slots up to 10 lines;
  • video slots;
  • pokey slots.

The sections provide information on each of the types. Then you should study the topics of the games. There are a lot of them, for every taste. Then it remains only to select the machine and press the PLAY button. To play, you must have a new version of the Flash player installed. If this is not the case, then the site will offer you to do it. Also, in each slot, an initial game amount is given, which varies from 2 to 5 thousand game units.

Tips for beginners

Be sure to be careful and follow the simple rules when playing:

  • Study the house rules to avoid mistakes and blocking.
  • Choose a machine. There are two ways to do this: play for free on all the offered ones or follow the opinion of the majority and choose the most popular one.
  • After choosing the machine, study the instructions for it to understand which combinations are winning.
  • Good game!

Games with high reward ratios
Most of the slot machines with high prizes are three reel slots. These games have high volatility: combinations do not appear very often, but they provide great prizes. Among the best slots in this category, we can highlight the following:

  • Always Hot Deluxe.
  • Double Diamond.
  • Astronomical.
  • Fire Joker.
  • Sevens and Stripes.

High prizes are also awarded on slots with five reels. Some good examples are Greentube’s Sizzling Hot and Book of Ra games.

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